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Atacama Large Millimeter Array

Picture Gallery

During these years, hundres of pictures have been taken at Chajnantor, San Pedro de Atacama, and surroundings. Here we want to put together some of these pictures.

If you have pictures that should be here, you are welcomed to send them and we will gladly publish them.

 [ mirror with snow ]


 * Panoramic view of Chajnantor
 * Chajnantor during a February snow storm
 * ESO and NRAO containers side by side
 * Working together
 * The ESO instrumentation container
 * The ESO weather stations
 * US and European interferometers
 * The east side of the baseline
 * The east 183 GHz radiometer
 * A closer look of the 183 GHz radiometer with snow
 * A nice look of the instrument containers with snow
 * An inside look to the ESO container
 * A proud balloon-launching team
 * Inflating the balloon for a radiosonde launch
 * Preparing a radiosonde launch
 * Launching a radiosonde balloon
 * Another radiosonde launch
 * A view of the theodolite tracking antenna
 * Another view of the theodolite tracking antenna
 * Yet another view of the theodolite tracking antenna
 * Bryan Buttler doing some housekeping
 * Our good friend Denis Urbain
 * Enjoying a lagoon in the Altiplano
 * The desert can be a lonely place
 * A nice view of San Pedro de Atacama with Licancabur volcano in the background
 * A view of San Pedro's church
 * Interior of San Pedro's church
 * A view from San Pedro's cementery
 * Bell tower from Toconao