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Atacama Large Millimeter Array

Radiosonde Data

To determine the vertical atmospheric profiles, ESO in collaboration with NRAO, Cornell University, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, and Nobeyama Radio Observatory have launched several radiosondes. These data can be access through the NRAO ALMA site studies homepage .

The radiosonde equipment was manufactured by A.I.R., Inc. a company now own by Vaisala Inc. Contacted by phone, after the merging, they guaranteed that they will continue producing the radiosonde sensors that we are using.

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Cleaned data files can be found in the following place:

Data Available (last campaign took place between December 11-17, 2000)

Date Specific humidity
Water Vapour Column
Wind Speed
A. Pressure
2001/APR/24 19UT x x
2001/APR/25 13UT x x
2001/APR/25 18UT x x
2001/APR/26 02UT x x
2001/APR/26 14UT x x
2001/APR/26 19UT x x
2001/APR/27 14UT x x
2001/APR/27 18UT x x
2001/APR/28 15UT x x
2001/APR/28 19UT x x
2001/APR/28 15UT x x
2001/APR/29 00UT x x
2001/APR/29 14UT x x
2001/APR/29 19UT x x
2001/MAY/01 00UT x x
2001/MAY/01 14UT x x
2001/MAY/01 19UT x x
2001/MAY/01 23UT x x
2001/MAY/02 14UT x x
2001/MAY/02 19UT x x
2001/MAY/03 00UT x x
2001/MAY/03 14UT x x
2001/MAY/03 18UT x x
2001/MAY/04 00UT x x
2001/MAY/04 14UT x x
2001/MAY/04 18UT x x
2001/MAY/04 23UT x x
2001/MAY/05 14UT x x
2001/MAY/05 16UT x x
Date Specific humidity
Water Vapour Column
Wind Speed
A. Pressure
2001/MAR/31 03UT x x
2001/APR/04 03UT x x
2001/APR/04 05UT x x
2001/APR/05 07UT x x
2001/APR/05 08UT x x
2001/APR/06 05UT x x
2001/APR/06 08UT x x
2001/APR/06 09UT x x
2001/APR/09 01UT x x
2001/APR/09 03UT x x
2001/APR/09 05UT x x
2001/APR/10 01UT x x
2001/APR/10 03UT x x
2001/APR/10 06UT x x
2001/APR/10 08UT x x
2001/APR/11 01UT x x
2001/APR/11 03UT x x
2001/APR/11 04UT x x
2001/APR/11 06UT x x
2001/APR/11 07UT x x
2001/APR/11 09UT x x
Date Specific humidity
Water Vapour Column
Wind Speed
A. Pressure
2000/DEC/12 17UT x x
2000/DEC/13 14UT x x
2000/DEC/13 18UT x x
2000/DEC/14 14UT x x
2000/DEC/14 18UT x x
2000/DEC/15 14UT x x
2000/DEC/15 18UT x x
2000/DEC/16 14UT x x
2000/DEC/16 15UT x x
2000/DEC/16 18UT x x
2000/DEC/17 13UT x x
Date Specific humidity
Water Vapour Column
Wind Speed
A. Pressure
2000/JUN/01 14UT x x
2000/JUN/05 15UT x x
2000/JUN/07 16UT x x
2000/JUN/08 14UT x x
2000/JUN/08 20UT x x
2000/JUN/26 16UT x x
2000/JUN/26 18UT x x
2000/JUN/27 15UT x x
2000/JUN/27 18UT x x
2000/JUN/28 11UT x x
2000/JUN/28 13UT x x
2000/JUN/30 10UT x x
2000/JUN/30 13UT x x
2000/JUN/30 16UT x x
2000/JUL/01 10UT x x
2000/JUL/01 13UT x x
2000/JUL/03 16UT x x
2000/JUL/12 14UT x x
2000/JUL/12 19UT x x
2000/JUL/13 15UT x x
2000/JUL/13 19UT x x
2000/JUL/14 14UT x x
2000/JUL/15 13UT x x
2000/JUL/17 21UT x x
2000/JUL/19 18UT x x
2000/JUL/23 02UT x x
2000/JUL/25 04UT x x
2000/JUL/25 18UT x x
2000/JUL/26 17UT x x
2000/JUL/28 04UT x x
2000/JUL/28 18UT x x
2000/JUL/29 10UT x x
2000/JUL/30 09UT x x
2000/JUL/30 18UT x x
2000/JUL/31 09UT x x
2000/JUL/31 17UT x x
2000/AUG/01 09UT x x
2000/AUG/02 09UT x x
2000/AUG/03 13UT x x
2000/AUG/03 22UT x x
2000/AUG/04 11UT x x
2000/AUG/06 03UT x x
2000/AUG/22 15UT x x
Date Specific humidity
Water Vapour Column
Wind Speed
A. Pressure
1999/NOV/11 13UT x x
1999/NOV/10 18UT x x
1999/NOV/10 12UT x x
1999/NOV/10 09UT x x
1999/NOV/10 04UT x x
1999/NOV/10 00UT x x
1999/NOV/09 18UT x x
1999/NOV/09 15UT x x
1999/NOV/08 19UT x x
1999/NOV/08 13UT x x
1999/NOV/08 09UT x x
1999/NOV/08 04UT x x
1999/NOV/08 00UT x x
1999/NOV/07 19UT x x
1999/NOV/07 18UT x x
1999/NOV/07 12UT x x
1999/NOV/07 04UT x x
1999/NOV/07 01UT x x
1999/NOV/06 18UT x x
1999/NOV/06 09UT x x
1999/NOV/06 04UT x x
1999/NOV/06 01UT x x
1999/NOV/05 18UT x x
1999/NOV/05 16UT x x
1999/NOV/05 10UT x x
1999/NOV/05 00UT x x
1999/MAR/09 15UT x x
1999/MAR/10 18UT x x
1999/MAR/14 15UT x x
1998/NOV/24 05UT x x
1998/NOV/24 11UT-We had Tracking problems x x
1998/NOV/24 17UT x x
1998/NOV/24 23UT x x
1998/NOV/25 16UT x x
1998/NOV/25 21UT x x
1998/NOV/26 15UT x x
1998/NOV/26 21UT x x
1998/NOV/27 15UT x x
1998/NOV/27 21UT x x
Cornell Univ.
1998/OCT/09 17UT x x
1998/OCT/10 03UT x x
1998/OCT/11 03UT x x
1998/OCT/11 16UT x x
1998/OCT/12 02UT x x
1998/OCT/12 18UT x x
1998/OCT/24 14UT x x
1998/OCT/25 12UT x x
1998/OCT/25 21UT x x

 * Radiosonde plots generated at NRAO