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Selected ALMA memos regarding site characterization

No. Title Author(s) Date
515 Calculation of integration times for WVR Alison Stirling, Mark Holdaway, Richard Hills, John Richer 03/05
514 Saturation Correction With Atmospheric Fluctuations A. Bacmann and S. Guilloteau 01/05
512 ATMOSPHERIC TRANSPARENCY AT CHAJNANTOR: 1973-2003 Otarola A., Holdaway M., Nyman L-E., Radford S.J.E., Butler B. J. 02/05
500 Wind power spectrum near Chajnantor S. Sakamoto (NAOJ), H. Ishizaki (NAOJ), K. Kohno (IoA, U. Tokyo) 05/04
497 Analysis Of Wind Data Gathered At Chajnantor Juan Pablo Pérez Beaupuits (ESO), Angel Otárola (ESO), Fredrik T. Rantakyrö (ESO), Roberto C. Rivera (ESO), Simon J.E. Radford (NRAO), Lars-Åke Nyman (ESO) 05/04
496 183 GHz water vapour radiometers for ALMA:
Estimation of phase errors under varying atmospheric conditions.
Alison Stirling, Richard Hills, John Richer, Juan Pardo



495 Estimated Performance of the Water Vapour Radiometers Richard Hills 06/04
490 Effects of Atmospheric Emission Fluctuations and Gain Fluctuations on Continuum Total Power Observations with ALMA M.A. Holdaway (NRAO - Tucson) 03/04
487 Lightning Near Cerro Chascon Seiichi Sakamoto (NAOJ) and Simon J. E. Radford (NRAO) 04/04
486 Characteristics Of Lightning Discharges Over AOS T. Watanabe (Gifu University), N. Takagi (Gifu University),
D. Wang (Gifu University), L. Liu (Gifu University),
M. Kamata (Gifu University), S. Sakamoto (NAOJ)
485 Chajnantor Windroses Simon J. E. Radford (NRAO) 01/04
480 Thermal Properties of subsurface layer at Pampa La Bola Seiichi Sakamoto (NAOJ) and Hideharu Ishizaki (NAOJ) 02/04
477 Working At High Altitude: Medical Problems, Misconceptions, and Solutions John B. West and Anthony Readhead 10/03
471 Site Properties and Stringency Neal Evans (U. Texas), John Richer (MRAO Cambridge), Seiichi Sakamoto (NRO, Japan), Christine Wilson (McMaster, Canada), Diego Mardones (Universidad de Chile), Simon Radford (NRAO, Tucson), Selby Cull (NRAO, Tucson), Robert Lucas (IRAM) 07/03
470 RFI Survey at the ALMA Site at Chajnantor Carla M. Beaudet, Galen Watts, Jeff Acree, Simon J. E. Radford (NRAO) 07/03
459 Investigation of Anomalous Fast Phase Fluctuations in the Site-Test Interferometer Data from Chajnantor Sally Hales, Richard Hills, Yasmin Robson, John Richer (MRAO, Cambridge),
Guillermo Delgado, Angel Otarola (Onsala Space Observatory and ESO),
Simon Radford (NRAO)
451 Some Error Sources For The PWV And Path Delay Estimated From 183 GHZ Radiometric Measurements At Chajnantor Guillermo Delgado(OSO/ESO)(R.I.P), Fredrik T Rantakyrö(ESO), Juan Pablo Pérez Beaupuits(ESO), Lars-Åke Nyman (ESO/OSO) 04/03
448 UV intensity near AOS and OSF Seiichi Sakamoto (NAOJ) 03/03
433 2002: The Driest and Coldest Summer R. Bustos (CBI Project) 09/02
418 Geotechnical Study, Chajnantor Site, 2002 Campaign, II Region, Chile Geo Ambiental Consultores Ltda. 03/02
413 Physical Parameters Of The Chajnantor Science Preserve A.Otarola (ESO), D.Hofstadt (ESO), S.J.E. Radford (NRAO), S. Sakamoto (NAOJ/NRO) 03/02
408 Geotechnical Study Chajnantor Site, II Region, Chile
Nobeyama Radio Observatory
Luis Rojas (Geo Ambiental Consultores Ltda.) 03/00
384 Atmospheric Transparency at Chajnantor and Pampa la Bola Simon J. E. Radford, Bryan J. Butler, Seiichi Sakamoto and Kotaro Kohno 08/01
379 Summer climate over Chajnantor Ricardo Bustos 07/01
375 Coordinates of Roads, Pipelines, and Landmarks Near the ALMA Site Seiichi Sakamoto 05/01
365 Atmospheric Phase Stability at Chajnantor and Pampa la Bola Bryan J. Butler, Simon J. E. Radford Seiichi Sakamoto, Kotaro Kohno 06/01
363 Velocity of the Effective Turbulence Layer at Chajnantor Estimated From 183 GHz Measurements Guillermo Delgado and Lars-Ake Nyman 04/01
361 Phase Cross-Correction of a 11.2 GHz Interferometer and 183 GHz Water Line Radiometers at Chajnantor Guillermo Delgado 04/01
345 Phase Fluctuation at the ALMA Site and the Height of the Turbulent Layer Yasmin Robson, et al. 01/01
334 Atmospheric Transparency at 225 GHz over Chajnantor, Mauna Kea,and the South Pole Simon Radford and Richard A. Chamberlin 11/00
52 Years of Climatological Data for the Chajnantor Area
R. Bustos, G. Delgado, L. Nyman, and S. Radford
332 Phase correctionof interferometer data at Mauna Kea and Chajnantor Guillermo Delgado, et al. 11/00
Comparison of Meteorological Data at the Pampa La Bola and Llano de Chajnantor Sites
S. Sakamoto, K. Handa, K. Kohno, N. Nakai, A.Otarola, S. J. E. Radford, B. Butler, and L. Bronfman
The Determination of Precipitable Water Vapour at Llano de Chajnantor from Observations of the 183 GHz Water Line
Guillermo Delgado , Angel Otarola, Victor Belitsky, Denis Urbain
262 Tropospheric Phase Calibration in Millimeter Interferometry C.L. Carilli, M.A. Holdaway 4/99
261 Position of MMA Equipment on Chajnantor Simon J.E. Radford 4/99
252 Phase Correction using 183 GHz Radiometers during the Fall 1998 CSO-JCMT Interferometer Run M. S. Yun, M. C. Wiedner 2/99
251 MMA Site East of San Pedro De Atacama, North Chile Volcanic Hazards Assessment and Geologic Setting M.C. Gardeweg P. 8/96
250 Seismicity and Seismic Hazard at MMA site, Antofagasta, Chile S.E. Barrientos 6/96
238 Precipitable Water at KP -- 1993-1998 Bryan Butler 11/98
237 Precipitable Water at the VLA -- 1990-1998 Bryan Butler 11/98
230 Preliminary Report on Water Supply Francisco Townsend G. 6/96
196 Options for Placement of a Second Site Test Interferometer on Chajnantor M.A. Holdaway, S.J.E. Radford 2/98
191 Feasibility Study of the Use of the White Mountain Research Station (WMRS) Laboratory to Measure the Effects of 27% Oxygen Enrichment at 5000 m Altitude on Human Cognitive Function J.B. West, F.L. Powell, A.M. Luks (Division of Physiology School of Medicine, UCSD) 11/97
190 A System Design for the MMA A. R. Thompson 11/97
189 Reference pointing of LSA/MMA antennas Robert Lucas 11/97
188 Another look at anomalous refraction on Chajnantor Bryan Butler 10/97
187 Modeling of the Submillimeter Opacity on Chajnantor M.A. Holdaway, Juan R. Pardo 10/97
186 Calculation of Anomalous Refraction on Chajnantor M.A. Holdaway 9/97
176 Preliminary Phase Stability Comparison of the Chajnantor and Pampa la Bola sites M.A. Holdaway, Satoki Matsushita, M. Saito 7/97
174 How Many Fast Switching Cycles Will the MMA Make in its Lifetime? M.A. Holdaway 6/97
173 Application of Fast Switching Phase Calibration at mm Wavelengths on 33 km Baselines C.L. Carilli, M.A. Holdaway 5/97
169 Atmospheric Coherence Times at Chajnantor M.A. Holdaway 4/97
162 Medical and Physiological Considerations for a High-Altitude MMA Site P.J.Napier, J.B.West (School of Medicine, UCSD, San Diego) 10/96
160 Digital Elevation Models for the Chajnantor Site M.A. Holdaway, M.A. Gordon, S.M. Foster, F.R. Schwab, Hernan Bustos 8/96
159 Wind Velocities at the Chajnantor and Mauna Kea Sites and the Effect on MMA Pointing M.A. Holdaway, S.M. Foster, Darrel Emerson, Jingquan Cheng, Fred Schwab 8/96
158 Correlation Between Opacity and Surface Water Vapor Pressure Measurements at Rio Frio M.A. Holdaway, Masato Ishiguro, Naomasa Nakai, Satoki Matsushita 8/96
153 Fitting a 12km Configuration on the Chajnantor Site M.A. Holdaway, Scott M. Foster, K.-I. Morita 4/96
152 Comparison of Rio Frio and Chajnantor Site Testing Data M.A. Holdaway, M. Ishiguro, Scott M. Foster, R. Kawabe, K. Kohno, F.N. Owen, S.J.E. Radford, M. Saito 4/96
148 Calibration of Submillimeter Observations with SiO Masers: Does the MMA Need Dual Band Capability? M.A. Holdaway 2/96
144 Report from the Phase Calibration Working Group David Woody, Mark Holdaway, Oliver Lay, Colin Masson, Frazer Owen, Dick Plambeck, Simon Radford, Ed Sutton 10/95
139 Fast Switching Phase Calibration: Effectiveness at Mauna Kea and Chajnantor M.A. Holdaway, Simon J.E. Radford, F.N. Owen, Scott M. Foster 9/95
137 Removal of Atmospheric Emission from Total Power Continuum Observations M.A. Holdaway, F.N. Owen, Darrel T. Emerson 9/95
136 Correcting for Decorrelation Due to Atmospheric Phase Errors M.A. Holdaway, F.N. Owen 9/95
130 Velocity of Winds Aloft from Site Test Interferometer Data M.A. Holdaway 7/95
129 Data Processing for Site Test Interferometers M.A. Holdaway, Simon J.E. Radford, F.N. Owen, and Scott M. Foster 6/95
127 Experimental Determination of the Dependence of Tropospheric Pathlength Variation on Airmass M.A. Holdaway, M. Ishiguro 3/95
126 A Test of Fast Switching Phase Calibration with the VLA at 22GHz M.A. Holdaway, F.N. Owen 4/95
124 Distances to MMA Calibrators Based on 90 GHz Source Counts S.M. Foster 10/94
123 Source Counts at 90 GHz M.A. Holdaway, F.N. Owen, M.P. Rupen 10/94
118 Atmospheric Opacity Observations from the VLBA and CSO Sites on Mauna Kea Fred Schwab 6/94
113 Weather Conditions at the Potential MMA Site on Mauna Kea P.J. Napier 4/94
108 Single Dish Observing and Calibration Modes D.T. Emerson, P.R. Jewell 12/93

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