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Atacama Large Millimeter Array

1 Hz Resolution Anemometer

An anemometer with a resolution of 1 Hz has been installed at Chajnantor, to provide more information on the wind speed and wind direction. Each file contains data for one day (24 hours), there are 86400 samples per file.

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Here we included a one page plot showing all the histograms for wind speed obtained for each month during 1999. For more detail information check the individual histograms in the table about "Wind data Statistics".

Year 1999 Histograms (PostScript Version) Histograms (JPG Version)
Monthly Histograms x x
Year 1999 Histogram x x
Wind Speed
Max and Mean
x x

Wind data (1Hz resolution)

Year Wind data file
ZIP format.
Year 1999 x

Wind data Statistics

Each histogram will give you the following information:
- The percentage of the data in each bin (0-2, 2-4, 4-6, etc.... with wind speed in [m/s])
- The percentage of the time, for the given data set, when the wind speed is above an specific wind speed bin. This is important to know the fraction of the time the wind speed is above a certain treshold.
- In red text we are showing those wind speed bins when the wind speed is above 14 m/s

Month Histogram (PostScript Version) Histogram (JPG Version) Percentage of data
measured this month
March 1999 x x 23.5%
April 1999 x x 35.1%
May 1999 x x 50.1%
June 1999 x x 1.0%
July 1999 x x 32.2%
August 1999 x x 89.5%
September 1999 x x 80.9%
October 1999 x x 48.8%
November 1999 x x 23.1%
December 1999 x x 47.8%