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Atacama Large Millimeter Array

Site Characterization

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Since June 1998, ESO has monitored the tropospheric conditions of Llano de Chajnantor, in the Region of Antofagasta in Chile. This place is the selected site for the Atacama Large Millimeter Array.


 * Summary of weather and PWV data at Chajnantor in the period June 1998-December 1999
 * Phase stability data
 * Meteorological data
 * 183 GHz radiometer data
 * Radiosonde data
 * Wind Speed (1 Hz resolution anemometer)
 * Analysis and Results
 * Pictures from Chajnantor and San Pedro de Atacama
 * Photo Gallery from Chajnantor


 * Weather conditions (near real time from APEX)
 * Weather conditions (short term predictions)
 * Weather conditions (long term predictions)
 * GOES8 Satellite Image (10.7u) South Pacific Region
 * Weather conditions at the Calama Airport, II Region
 * Geopotential Height and Cloud Information

Maps available for Pampa La Bola and Chajnantor areas

These links are part of the information available at the NRAO site characterisation page on the internet. The graphic information regarding: maps in scales 1:5.000, 1:50.000 and others scales, as well as digital elevation maps, have been generated with participation of the European Southern Observatory, National Radio Astronomy Observatory and Nobeyama Radio Observatory.

 * Coordinates of Landmarks, Roads, etc...
 * Topography, Maps and Digital elevation models...

Sites of interest

 * ALMA Project Book
 * Site Characterization and Monitoring (Chapter14,PDF)
 * Site Characterization at NRAO
 * Homepage for the ALMA Project at ESO
 * Homepage for the ALMA Project at NRAO
 * North American ALMA Science Center
 * Canadian ALMA Project Website
 * ALMA Memo Series

Other astronomy projects at Chajnantor

 * CBI: Cosmic Background Imager
 * APEX Telescope
 * ASTE Telescope
 * CAT: Cornell Atacama Telescope

Useful Links

 * San Pedro de Atacama